Gatorade vs water essay

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Will update you as and when I get more info. You wouldn't believe me if I told you The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that you use the carbohydrate replacement in Gatorade an hour or more after you have completed a high intensity physical activity or a low intensity activity that lasts for more than an hour.

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Selfishly, instinctively, I wanted her to be just like us. In the time it took us to get in to see him, Ray had done his own homework on the topic of Down syndrome. If you are taking part in strenuous physical activities, water may not be sufficient to replenish lost fluids, and you may have to consume a sports drink like Gatorade.

Drinking Gatorade vs. Drinking Water During Sports Games

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The Best Muscle-Building Supplements for Ectomorphs

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Drinking Gatorade vs Drinking Water Drinking water is sufficient to keep your body hydrated before, during and after a light or moderate exercise session. However, if you are taking part in a high-intensity sport session for an extended period of time or in a high-temperature environment, it is recommended that you drink Gatorade.

Water Gatorade was developed in at the University of Florida by a team of scientists led by Dr. Robert Cade ( Two years later, inthe University of Florida beat Georgia Tech. to win the Orange bowl.

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Gatorade vs water essay
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