Hamburger hiill

A February poll revealed that only 39 percent of the American people still supported the war, while 52 percent believed sending troops to fight in Vietnam had been a mistake. Honeycutt anticipated his battalion had sufficient capability to carry out a reconnaissance on Hill without further reinforcement, although he did request that the brigade reserve, his own Company B, be released to his control.

With the Hamburger hiill CP in disarray, command and control in broke down. To take Hamburger hiill position, the st Airborne Division Airmobile eventually committed five infantry battalions and ten batteries of artillery.

Duffy meditates when incoming rounds from enemy artillery make the men scramble for cover. And yet, just days later, on June 5,U. Doc resets a dislocated shoulder and keeps the man moving. Day 1 of the the Battle for Hamburger Hill The platoon walks warily through a jungle. A soldier is blown in the air, Sergeants Frantz and Worcester arrange an air evac.

However, botched air support by helicopter gunships causes several friendly Hamburger hiill, and to the horror of Lt. The battalion is initially ordered to reconnoiter a nearby mountain, but is unexpectedly diverted and commences an assault on the enemy-held Hill which soon grows into a major battle as unexpectedly heavy resistance is encountered.

On May 16, the plan called for the to continue its attack as before up the two ridges, but to hold short of the summit to exert pressure on the enemy defenses while the assaulted from the west and south to sweep across the top of Hill toward Hill Listed in order of authority and rank. At this point, over 60 percent of the attacking battalions have been wiped out.

Beletsky ignores the radio call from the CO, "Red 6" requesting a sitrep. Doc and Beletsky finally reach an accord. Many veterans of that May fight would no doubt agree, since the hill was abandoned to the enemy soon after it was taken.

Still, Conmy knew that the North Vietnamese were in the area in force and spoiling for a fight; he was eager to oblige them.

Why the Battle for Hamburger Hill Was So Controversial

Underlying that disgust was the fact that the war in Vietnam did not fit the model of war that was fixed in most American minds. Bravo arrived at about and moved out toward the mountain. With the Currahees halted, Colonel Conmy ordered Honeycutt to postpone his attack to wait for the Delta Company almost made it to the top of the hill as the battle degenerated into a close-quarters fight, with friendly and enemy troops separated by only a few meters.

Attacking companies had to provide for degree security as they maneuvered, since the terrain largely prevented them from mutually supporting one another.

Battle of Hamburger Hill

Finally the 18th infantry regiment made it to the summit but was beaten back. The assault fails and Duffy is among the fatalities. Beletsky gets upset as the batteries run down and makes a racist comment and scuffles with Motown.

The last of those skirmishes was the battle for Pork Chop Hill between July 6 and 10, This section does not cite any sources. Willbanks is the director of the Department of Military History, U. Bravo Company, unable to move forward, withdrew into defensive positions for the night about 1, meters from the summit.

The platoon is forced to attack the hill repeatedly against stubborn opposition. The Hamburger Hill losses were much smaller, but they set off a firestorm of protest back home.

The brigade plan for the next attack called for the insertion of two additional battalions to the northeast and southeast of Dong Ap Bia. Eden tries to arrange for more supply of food and water.

The goal was to prevent them from using the valley as a staging area for an attack on the old imperial capital of Hue and the coastal provinces, as they had done the previous year during the Tet Offensive. Constant radio chatter is overheard, but there is no reply. The increasingly exhausted platoon continues their attempt to capture Hillbut to no avail.

Finally, bythe hill was secured.

Hamburger Hill

Up the hill there is furious small arms combat. It was preceded by Operation Massachusetts Striker and would be followed by Operation Montgomery Rendezvous, each targeted against a different area of the A Shau.

During Dewey Canyon, the Marines captured 16 mm guns, 73 anti-aircraft guns and more that tons of materiel, including nearly 1, AKs and more than a million rounds of small-arms and machine-gun ammunition. The men dig trenches in the sun and mud. He had given explicit orders to General Abrams, he later said:Hamburger Hill, as it came to be known, was arguably a defensible military move.

Its real importance to the national memory is a function of how it triggered outrage back home at what seemed an inordinate sacrifice of human life for a hill that was soon abandoned/5(). Hamburger Hill was the scene of an intense and controversial battle during the Vietnam War.

Known to military planners as Hill (a reference to its height in meters), the solitary peak is. Information on the Battle of Hamburger Hill during The Vietnam War, also known as Hill The battle, which was fought on Maywas a direct assault against a heavily defended and strategically insignificant hill, resulted in over U.S.

casualties and caused an outrage back home. Hamburger Hill, where Col. Weldon Honeycutt led a controversial day “meatgrinder” battle to secure Hill only to abandon it a week later, Americans questioned the senseless slaughter.

Soon, plans were announced to reduce U.S. troop strength.

Hamburger Hill Assaulted by U.S. Troops

Hamburger Hill tells it the way it was, the way it really was. It’s a raw, gritty and totally unrelenting dramatic depiction of one of the fiercest battles of America’s bloodiest war.

This happened. Hamburger Hill is a worthwhile picture to watch, one that is far better than what some critics have said, with a great cast, well written script, this is a picture that will surely satisfy the %.

Hamburger hiill
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