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Roberto Assagioli

We hold that outside imagination or fantasy is a distinct function. The Self is one". Rather, the potential for a Ma psychosynthesis psychotherapy relationship with Self exists for every person at all times and may be assumed to be implicit in every moment of every day and in every phase of life, even when one does not recognize this.

She is a member of BACP. Integral Meditation — The Seven Ways to the Soul describes the different types of meditations and the experiences that follows. She has a long-term partner, and adult son.

The relationship of "I" and Self is paradoxical. My social work led me to social psychiatry. It was during this time he began writing articles that criticized psychoanalysis in which Assagioli argued a more holistic approach. He was born under the name Roberto Marco Grego, son of Elena Kaula and Leone Greco; however his biological father died when Assagioli was two years old and his mother remarried to Alessandro Emanuele Assagioli soon afterward.

Her passions include photography, walking, sailing, adventurous travel, animals, reading, writing and landscape painting. This three-year course two years for the Diploma is ideally suited to those with a part-time job, although it can also work for those with full-time commitments.

The cause of his death was unknown. Trained in psychoanalysis but unsatisfied by what he regarded as its incompleteness as a whole, Assagioli felt that love, wisdom, creativity, and will all were important components that should be included in psychoanalysis.

Aurora Psychosynthesis and Psychotherapy

My focus is now on JivaYou, my work as writer and my family. For more information about Couples Counselling and Therapy please visit - www. If my clients need deeper work on spiritual issues, — for example, what is life about?

At the end of this session we should have a good idea as to whether we want to work together and continue with further sessions, although you may want to think it over for a few days. A New Theory London p. For example we may initially contract to meet for 6 weeks, to see how that works out.

It presents a unique identity profile based on a number of questions. Very few biographical accounts on the life of Assagioli are available, and most are not written in English.

Are you a professional counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist?

It is not against psychoanalysis or even behavior modification but it insists that the needs for meaning, for higher values, for a spiritual life, are as real as biological or social needs.

In order to work with my new passion I took teacher training courses and completed a 4-year Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy programme. The concept of Self points towards a source of wisdom and guidance within the person, a source which can operate quite beyond the control of the conscious personality.

I practiced an awareness based meditation combined with visualizations.Psychosynthesis "has always been on the fringes of the 'official' therapy world" and it "is only recently that the concepts and methods of psychoanalysis and group analysis have been introduced into the training and practice of psychosynthesis psychotherapy".

My Psychotherapy Qualification. I have a Masters Degree in Applied Psychosynthesis which qualifies me to work as Psychotherapist.

Liza Chera

As we move through life we meet challenges and obstacles that limit us on our journey, the essence of the psychosynthesis perspective. The Synthesis Center, currently functions to offer best fit referrals to training Centers, as well as a referral source for trained Psychosynthesis Coaches.

Independent Studies and personally Designed Programs are offered by the Center and its director, Dorothy Firman. In I started an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy at the Trust accredited by Middlesex University.

Alongside my core training as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I have completed courses in Emotional Freedom Technique (Levels 1 & 2), Art Therapy and different styles of Trauma Therapy.

Rachella Michaels MA and Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, UKCP, APP. Rachella has practiced counselling and psychotherapy for over 15 years, so has considerable experience of working with adults of all ages, both in long and short-term work.


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Ma psychosynthesis psychotherapy
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