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The auditors' objective in sending confirmation requests to creditors is to select accounts in which large balances could reasonably be expected rather than accounts for which large balances have been recorded by the client. With this goal in mind, the two accounts from which the client has made a large amount of purchases during the year are more likely candidates than the vendors in which the year-end balances are large but the activity for the year relatively small.

The numbers of those receiving reports may then be compared to the receiving reports in the voucher register.

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Asking a study question in a snap - just take a pic. The auditors must establish that the client does not have a significant tax liability for prior years.

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In contrast, the confirmation of accounts payable is not a presumptively mandatory procedure, although it is often followed. A sample of other accounts will Solution manual chapter 6 federal taxes also be selected.

Review file of authorized disbursement listings for completeness as indicated by the check numbers. Observe that the computer assigns numbers to receiving reports. In other words, the auditors are searching for unrecorded liabilities, rather than trying to verify a large percentage of recorded dollar liabilities.

Procedures that are designed to test the accuracy of accounts payable include confirmation, review of unmatched receiving reports, reconciliation of payables to vendors' statements, and the search for unrecorded liabilities. The auditors should ascertain the disposition of the receiving report when the shipments in question arrived, and whether the invoices were paid before receipt of goods.

For these reasons, the emphasis of the accounts receivable audit is to obtain evidence supporting the amount recorded. The auditors seek to obtain the best available supporting evidence with a minimum of effort and expense.

In effect, the burden of proof is on the auditors to justify an omission of the receivables confirmation procedure and the auditors are, therefore, reluctant to omit it. Instead, the auditors' review of vendors' statement, confirmation of accounts payable, review of subsequent cash disbursements, and other procedures designed to disclose unrecorded accounts payable, are all carried out during the subsequent period.

Under these assumptions, the two most important accounts to confirm would be Western Supply and Landon Co.

In this examination, the auditors should test entries in the 20X0 voucher register to ascertain that all items that according to dates of receiving reports or vendors invoices were applicable to 20X0 have been included in the journal entry recorded by the client.

The nature of the supporting evidence in the possession of the company is also a factor. How do I view solution manuals on my smartphone? Two reasons may be given for the foregoing differences. Video Corporation Estimated time: You can also find solutions immediately by searching the millions of fully answered study questions in our archive.

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Answers 3 and 4 are incorrect because the receiving report, prepared by the company itself, provides better evidence of what has been received than the vendor's packing slip. Once an invoice has been approved for payment, the issuance of a check is very largely an automatic process.

Any not included would likely be unrecorded as of year-end.

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Invoices and monthly statements usually are not received for accrued liabilitiesQuestions Requiring Analysis a The confirmation of accounts receivable is a presumptively mandatory auditing procedure. Accounts payable records may be misstated due to recording errors.

Just post a question you need help with, and one of our experts will provide a custom solution. That individual should then manually or electronically cancel the documents so that the amount isnt paid a second time. In this case, the CPAs should have ascertained early in their examination whether Scott's internal auditors were qualified by being both technically competent and objective.

The auditors should obtain a letter in which responsible executives of the client's organization represent that to the best of their knowledge all liabilities have been recognized.

When this has been accomplished, you will be able to access the vendor name and address for purposes of sending the confirmation. By tracing all such transactions to the accounts, the auditors will ascertain those liabilities that have not been properly recorded. Often, factors in addition to cost are considered e.

Password must be entered to enter receiving information. Prevents payment of invoices for goods not ordered or received. Wilcox Company Estimated time: Since the cash disbursements file includes a voucher number, and since vouchers are issued sequentially, it will be possible to select those vouchers issued after year-end.If you are looking for a book Cch federal taxation solutions manual chapter 6 in pdf form, then you've come to the correct website.

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tax, and such local taxes as real property taxes, sales taxes, and personal property taxes. All other things being equal, you should make certain that the taxpayer is advised of the real impact on his life of a 20 percent increase in salary.

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