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I've read books by Kashif and Donald Passman, but your book is my favorite because of the information you have for music producers trying to get in songwriting agencies game.

But no Music Library or Publisher can guarantee your songs will get licensed, since it's up to the Music Supervisor of a film to decide if your song fits with any scenes. A third-party website seeking songwriting agencies link to HFA Online must not violate any laws, advocate unlawful activity or contain content that is not appropriate for all ages.

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Under California Civil Code Section It was recorded by a new artist and became a single. Any alteration of a license form from that provided by HFA will render it invalid. Those fees are then split with the songwriter. They provided me the opportunity to have my song heard by a well know and amazing music producer.

Maybe… though not necessarily romantic love. I met with a music publisher who suggested I rewrite a country song I played for him.


It is an essential tool for any serious indie artist. So many people think their songs are amazing; that they have nothing to learn; and that all they need to do is get them heard by the right people.

HFA reserves the right to make appropriate changes to its Databases and ongoing licensing practices to reflect such a change in relationship.


Advancement Songwriters advance in their career by writing hits for bigger artists and therefore earning a higher income. We will send the artist a check for 50 percent of the amount we collect.

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Commerce Department's Table of Deny Orders. It was like walking on sacred ground!!! You may upload or transmit materials to the Public Portions in connection with licensing and other activities conducted through the Public Portions.

There is no better online asset for independent artists to get their music heard.

28 songs that capture the spirit of travel (with videos)

Some days—or parts of days—are spent writing; some are for having meetings; some are for recording demos. It rarely works to send unsolicited material to companies. He is not currently looking for traditional science fiction or fantasy narratives without a referral from a client or colleague.

My favorite part about writing for commercials is that the fast turnaround usually the whole process goes down in less than two weeks caters to my need for diversity.Mechanical royalties for songwriting are usually paid by labels or artists to a third party, (traditionally for the major publisher it’s been HFA (the Harry Fox Agency), who pay the publishers.

(Source: American Songwriter). Cable Statement of Account Forms SA Paper Short Form — For use by cable television systems whose semiannual gross receipts are less than $, SAE Short Form — For use by cable television systems whose semiannual gross receipts are less than $, SA3 Paper Long Form — For use by cable television systems whose semiannual gross receipts are $, or more.

Music Royalties What They Are and How to Collect.

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Being a musician is not as simple as writing a song, recording an album, selling it, and earning money from your sales. Many of these agencies, including the Harry Fox Agency in the USA, don’t let unsigned songwriters.

Songtrust manages Music Publishing Administration and Publishing Royalty Collection for over 1, songs composed bySongwriters andpublishers from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, HFA, as well as 40+ societies across the globe.

An extensive listing of songwriting organizations can be found in my book This Business of Songwriting, Revised 2nd Edition.” For other books that teach valuable business and creative skills for Songwriters, check out our blog. Will Blagrove booked a Supporting Role in the Holiday Movie, Country Christmas Album and will be out on Ion TV December 15th!

Songwriting agencies
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