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A doctoral thesis should be based on extensive research in primary sources, make an original contribution to knowledge, and be presented in acceptable.

Please note the Humanities PhD program changed some sections of its curriculum in Software and code Copyright protects certain aspects of software including the underlying code.

Note that the Policy allows you to defer depositing your thesis in Spectrum for a specific time period, as determined by the School of Graduate Studies. When signing an agreement with the publisher, read the terms of the publication agreement very carefully.

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Look for wording in the publishing agreement about the right to reproduce content from the article in a thesis that will be freely available on the web in an institutional repository i. A precise citation for the source of the material, referring to a physical copy if possible.

It also protects some of the external elements in a program, such as music, pictures or text as well as some of the elements of the user interface. For theses written from to the present, choose the Author search tab in the catalogue and enter the words concordia university followed by the name of the Department or Programme.

This makes it more difficult to define precisely when a use qualifies for fair dealing. Welcome to Concordia University and the Doctorate of Education program. Just as you may have used other theses or works in your research, your thesis will be available to guide others in their research.

Neither is intended to be and cannot be construed as legal advice. Applied Statistics for Nurses This course will provide students with a resource to determine the interrelationship between research design, evidence-based practice and statistics.

The more something is discussed in your thesis, the easier it becomes to qualify for fair dealing in the appropriate context.

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Although proper citation provides acknowledgment for the sources you use, it is not sufficient in meeting copyright obligations. Many people think it produces more attractive output than other systems.

In addition, students are required to sign a license agreement with Library and Archives Canada 5. For more information on citing sources and how to avoid plagiarism, consult the following Concordia resources: The Author Addendum is a form you can submit to your publisher which states that you want to retain the copyright for your work.Enter Concordia International, a $ billion Canadian drugmaker that Wall Street's short sellers are circling, trying to decide if it's a "baby Valeant." MD, deputy director of the Office of.

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The paper is a culminating experience option for Concordia University Irvine program. (The thesis paper and scholarly project paper topic with reader approval form must be filed with the Graduate Office, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Concordia University Irvine and the chosen clinical research site).

Concordia University Thesis Directory - ; For a complete list, choose the Subject search tab from the library catalogue main page and enter "Dissertations, Academic." You will find references to bibliographies and indexes of theses by subject, university and country.

Thesis Boost: 3-day writing retreat (Concordia)

Thesis Boost is for graduate students who are in the middle to later stages of writing their thesis. We have reserved the bright and spacious JMSB Conference Centre and are inviting graduate students to spend 3 days, getting down to business on writing their thesis.

SENIOR THESIS HANDBOOK A Guide to the Senior Thesis Process COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES Concordia University Portland, Oregon Edition. CAS Senior Thesis Handbook ( edition) Form D: Senior Thesis Proposal) to the Office of the Dean no later than the TENTH (10th).

The Thesis Preparation and Thesis Examination Regulations guide prepared by the Thesis Office lists some commonly used citation manuals. The Library maintains information on citation guides, and offers workshops on best practices and use of reference management tools.

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Thesis office concordia
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