Understanding the highly misunderstood medical illness of depression

People who are African American or Hispanic used mental health services at half the rate of Caucasians, while Asian Americans about one third the rate. Other forms are depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, drug addiction, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, among others.

People with endogenous depression were supposed to view themselves as the source of their own suffering and to think that everything was their fault.

The term has two starkly different meanings, depending upon the context. I found the following list. Depression has been around starting with the beginning of mankind.

Recommended Books on Depression

Agreed that stress could trigger it but the best way out of it is to treat it head on. See the notes on exercise, diet, and sleep below. Pharmaceuticals, when prescribed by a licensed physician, should be used as prescribed to improve quality of life and alleviate suffering.

Understanding Depression

To make matters worse, Nigeria has no clearly defined mental health policy. The term has two starkly different meanings, depending upon the context.

The s were also important in the search for organic causes and treatments for mental illness. But such category is just a small part of mental disorder even though it could be referred to as the extreme case of the health condition.

Maharishi AyurVeda can complement other alternative and allopathic approaches. The problem is people often do not seek help for it because of the stigma associated with it. It can happen to anyone.

Depression- The Misunderstood Mood Disorder

It also shows that there are five mental health nurses toNigerians. And now we have good drugs just like the ones in developed countries.

In response, psychiatry, which had previously looked to psychotherapy as their therapy of choice, started to emphasize the use of medications as primary treatments for mental illnesses. It added that at worst, depression can lead to suicide, now the second leading cause of death among year-olds.

Many people who have depression, anxiety, or any kind of mental health problem do not seek treatment because they are afraid of the stigma associated with it.

It does not mean the technique does not work. Even when treated, clinical depression often leads to further episodes or even suicide.

What is Depression if not a Mental Illness?

You are important to me. FACT — The vast majority of people with mental health problems are no more likely to be violent than anyone else.Mental illness refers to a wide range of medical disorders that may affect your mood, thinking, behavior, ability to relate to other people, and ability to function day by day — for example, anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, and addictive behaviors.

Home» Disorders» Depression» What is Depression if not a Mental Illness? Grohol, J. (). What is Depression if not a Mental Illness?.

Psych Psych Central does not provide medical. Currently, rather than adopting either the mind or the body explanation of depression, scientists and mental health practitioners recognize that depressive symptoms have multiple causes.

Depression: A Misunderstood Mental Disorder in Nigeria

In other words, in the current view, depression can be caused by both mental and physical causes at the same time. The above quote was taken from the article, Misunderstood Depression: the Human Toll. Depression has a clinical term that relates to a physiological mental/mood disorder.

It also can mean "I'm sad" about something. Anything: the weather, a friend's comment, a missed opportunity. A lot of research has been done to try and understand why Depression is.

Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) 1 in 5 adults in the United States experience some form of a mental health disorder in a given year.

About one in five youth from ages 13 to 18 have some kind of severe mental disorder. Depression is a medical illness. Depression and other mood disorders affect your mood, concentration, activity level, interests, appetite, social behavior and physical health.

They are very real and can have very serious consequences to your health, relationships, career and your ability to enjoy life.

Understanding the highly misunderstood medical illness of depression
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