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With his second, he hit a triple century. Ace craftsman Raju Hirani is mighty successful in churning out the best emotions out of one and all the actors throughout the roller-coaster ride.

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The father is old and ill; sister unmarried; mother in poor shape. Sharman Joshi once again proves his mettle both in rib-tickling scenes as well as in the eyes-drenching ones. Anyway, back to the story. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi ] embark on a quest for a lost buddy.

Though I was determined to write about the review of 3 idiots movie but I think it will be meaningless. Hirani and his co-writer Abhijat Joshi realise this.

I had someone called KRC. And what a stretch this farce is, as Hirani plays out his now-familiar tropes: Tiwari deserves brownie points for narrating the story with flourish and the message that the film conveys resonates loud and clear, without getting preachy at any point.

Their journey was made even more exciting because of other interesting personalities such as Chatur, Prof. Students should learn their properly to make themselves perfect and skillful to any job, they will automatically get a very good job.

First be skilled and Then become successful in life by your work. This is making ourselves non creative even we are not doing better. In addition, films soaked in reality, generally speaking, take the realistic route without bowing to market diktats or over-stretching realities.

They set out on a long car ride, first to Shimla and then all the way to Ladakh, in search of their lost friend the very likeable Khan in a winning performance, even though the actor is challenged to play a character 20 years younger than his current age in most of the film.

Opinions are like blogs. The cast is strictly okay, nobody really sparkling except for Millimeter and the girl, who isn't around much, darn it. It's not awful at all, but since when did 'not bad' become good?

And Mehta concludes that people working in Bollywood are far smarter than the films they churn out. A story that each one of us can relate to or identify with.

Our should be amended and the educational system should be run on the way thus our students could learn some from practical knowledge. Dialogue empowers the film wonderfully and at places, are clap-worthy.

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Only song in the album featuring a female voice comes in the form of 'Zoobi Doobi'. Kareena Kapoor, in a far smaller role, adds a wondrous tone to the college life part of the film. There is ludicrous fun to be had every now and again but Hirani seems ill at ease, borrowing a Farah Khan-style old school flashback but refusing to go all-out funny -- and instead labouring really hard to make a point, the aforementioned one about college and suicide.

At times 3 Idiots has its heart in the right place and an energy level that took me back to the first half of Rang De Basanti nice coincidence that Khan, Madhavan and Joshi act in both the films. He changes the pitch of his voice extraordinarily well in 'Jaane Nahin Denge Tujhe' which again appears to be the set in a mood where the friends are rooting for each other and making sure that they don't fail in their pursuit for a better life ahead.

Thank God it was viewed in class so I got the chance to give it a try and yes, this movie was really worth seeing. The DoP [Setu] deserves tremendous praise. Soon after Suraj Jagan starts singing this track about how kids are deprived of their innocence in the world of education that dictates what they should be doing rather than them making a choice.

3 Idiots Movie Review

If we focus to students of Bangladesh, It will be rare to get someone who is studying for becoming skillful where every students are running for their study to get a job forgetting any extra curricular activities. This makes connection with an audience easy.

It's an engineering college, get it? His parents expect to have seen him happy. All the procedure was in right track but he made a little mistakes which made him failure. There's also a tragic, overriding feeling of futility.

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The biz is at an all-time low, with most films sinking faster than Titanic. Pareekshit Sahani is decent.Shantanu Moitra has composed the tunes of the movie 3 Idiots. Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Swanand Kirkire, Shaan and Suraj Jagan have lend their voice to the album.

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3 Idiots is a very average bit of fluffy Bollywood masala that tragically pretends, at times, to be making a profound point, one it loses in repetition. The result is a confused film, one that doesn't know exactly where it stands, torn between lump-in-the-throat filmmaking and amateurishly written juvenilia.

3 Idiots: Movie Review. Gaurav Malani In a late scene from the film, 2 of the 3 idiots zip down their pants and pat their bottoms facing the third idiot. For the zillionth time in a Hindi.

3 Idiots is a story of friendship, hope, aspirations and most importantly, the goodness of life. The message that the movie was trying to convey was everyone should listen to their hearts, chaseyour dreams and let the success chase you.

Dec 25,  · 3 Idiots is the perfect end to an exciting year for India: the year when the aam aadmi voted in progress, liberalism, secularism and turned his back to corruption, communalism, regionalism/5.

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